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The Universe Within Us

Tina J Costello has headed her own successful practice for many years and has created these NLP Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions based on her knowledge of what has really worked for her satified clients. She has only shared a few of her recordings with us and has done this because she wants her work to remain exclusive and not lost on the internet.

What you will find here are quality NLP Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions which have been created by an Australian professional Counsellor, NLP Master, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, DTAS and Author. You will notice the difference in the quality of the items immediately and the unique delivery of the sessions. They are all multi-layered to ensure they contain content which will benefit everyone. Sessions which just contain spoken words are only successful with a narrow line of listeners. Our sessions embrace all the senses and provide a variety of presentation and sounds, often at the same time. The end result being quicker, and lasting, behavioural changes. You will pleasantly surprised.

We would like to quote from Wallace D Wattles (1860-1911), as this is the way we conduct our business.
"Give every man more in use value than you take from him in cash value; then you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction."When you browse through our range you will quickly discover this to be true.

If you have absolutely ANY questions about items in our range, please don’t hesitate to send us a message via our   Contact  page and we promise to reply promptly.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Whether you believe it, or not, your subconscious mind has a script based on your life to-date and it keeps repeating the words of that script 24 hours a day. For example, if you are serious about quitting smoking you MUST start to THINK about smoking DIFFERENTLY. Consciously trying to achieve this is VERY hard - often too hard. This is why so many people fail and become disheartened. You MUST make the changes through your subconscious mind so your new behaviour becomes automatic. And why not? It's MUCH EASIER and you get lasting results!

Let’s stay with the smoking example, you would have heard lots of different ways to Quit Smoking - everything from gums to electronic 'exploding' cigarettes. The Quit Smoking industry is a Billion Dollar industry. The beauty of it is that it's based on you FAILING so you will KEEP buying their products. It can become as addictive as smoking!

Reality is that there are only TWO smoking demon's to conquer for lasting results.

1. The way your MIND thinks/talks about smoking:

  • telling you to just buy one more packet;
  • telling you only one cigarette won't hurt;
  • saying that you can always quit next week;
  • thinking of a cigarette as a reward;
  • thinking that smoking will ease stress;
  • telling you that you really don't WANT to stop smoking anyway;
  • etc
  • etc

2. The associated withdrawal - which your MIND also controls. These are actual things happening to your body which are out of your conscious control during the quitting process and can include:

  • irritability;
  • headaches;
  • stomach cramps;
  • stress;
  • bloating;
  • etc
  • etc

The solution to these TWO points are internal - NOT external. They are controlled by your SUBCONSCIOUS mind – NOT your conscious mind.

What is the most direct contact with your subconscious mind? HYPNOTHERAPY!

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

The difference between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is Hypnotherapy contains an actual therapy component which must be presented by a qualified Hypnotherapist; whereas Hypnosis can be more general and quite often hypnosis material is created and sold by people with no formal qualifications.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Hypnotherapy is the most advanced type of Hypnotherapy and takes it further again; it requires a qualified and highly experienced practitioner, like Tina J Costello, to conduct the sessions. NLP combines aspects of behavioural psychology, linguistics, hypnosis, modeling and common sense. It takes into account how we connect with the world through our sensory experiences and how we store and recall these experiences through our minds and bodies. In simplistic terms, it is about unlearning and letting go of what we have previous learned which has become harmful to us and replacing this behaviour with the desired results using a series of proven techniques within the Hypnotherapy Session. It helps us to think of things differently; but only think differently towards actions within our beliefs and moral code.

For example, if you always have a biscuit with your coffee, your subconscious mind would relate coffee with biscuits. A skilled NLP Hypnotherapist will disassociate those two activities so you would be able to have a cup of coffee without craving for a biscuit. This can also be taken a step further by changing your relationship to biscuits.


These recordings are only available via The Universe Within Us and if you discover anyone else selling them we would appreciate you contacting us because Tina J Costello enforces copyright law as protection of her work.

Many of our Hypnotherapy recordings contain brainwave entrainment tones to assist with quicker relaxation. These are clearly marked. Please do NOT listen to those recordings whilst driving, operating heavy or dangerous machinery. Do not listen to the recordings if you suffer from epilepsy, fits or seizures, are photosensitive, pregnant, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You are able to contact us if you would like to receive your recordings WITHOUT these tones.